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Cintiq Series

Innovative LCD Monitor with Integrated Graphics Tablet for Pen Input Directly on the Screen

Cintiq Series Photo

The Cintiq interactive pen display TFT monitor with a pressure sensitive pen works directly on the display surface. Based on the award winning PL interactive technology, the Cintiq boasts a range of technical enhancements with an anthracite colour scheme.

Ergonomic and intuitive: using the pen directly on the LCD screen

With the Cintiq, WACOM combines its patented electromagnetic resonance technology with the innovative idea of using a pen, to write directly on the monitor. This pen needs no battery or cable and allows you to use pressure sensitivity to work directly and intuitively on the screen surface.

Users having already worked with an interactive pen display will recognise the significant advantage of looking directly at the images/work produced on the TFT monitor. Using hand-eye co-ordination in this way enables users to work more efficiently and more naturally. The ergonomic design of such devices allows longer periods of working without getting tired.

In comparison to touchscreen LCD displays, this technology has another important advantage: WACOM's sensor is situated below the display, allowing users to benefit from the full high illumination and brilliance of the TFT monitor.

Multiple user options

Experience with the previous PL series has shown that an Interactive Pen Display is the best solution for a wide range of applications. In particular, drawing directly on the screen with the pressure sensitive pen helps creative design professional such as architects, graphic, industrial, textile and web designers, and video effects artists realise their ideas more intuitively and quickly.

Digital media professionals will find using the pen directly on the screen increases the productivity. With absolute positioning of the pen, leaves, faders and other control in audio & video application interfaces can be directly selected and manipulated much more efficiently than with a mouse.

During presentations, training sessions and conferences, the user may spontaneously annotate or sketch directly with the pen into the presentation, without having to turn away from his audience.

Cintiq combines quality and design

The specially coated LCD display is glare-free and offers a microstructure producing a small amount of friction when touched by the pen. Therefore painting and drawing on the LCD display is almost like using pen and paper.

The LCD's quality and the surface coating provide an enhanced illumination (35% more) and a viewing angle of 160° (vertical and horizontal). In addition, the transparent layer on the actual LCD is thinner, this decreases the parallax (optical deviation between the point, where the pen touches the screen and the actual LCD point) enormously and increases the pen's position.

In line with all WACOM pens the Cintiq pen has also been enhanced. The shape has been ergonomically designed, and now offers 512 different pressure levels as well as a decreased contact pressure. This feature is especially useful in graphical applications, as different pressures result in different graphic effects.

With the modern, innovative design using the anthracite colour, the Cintiq is ideal for every workplace. Another aspect of the design is that the display stand can now be set to angles from 13° (nearly horizontal) to 73° (almost vertical). In addition the stand can be completely removed, allowing the user to place the Cintiq on the knees or lean it on the table edge -- just like a sketchpad.

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