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Graphire 2 Series

Innovation does not need Batteries

Graphire 2 Theme Photo

Graphire 2 Mouse & Pen Set comprises of a battery-free mouse, pressure sensitive pen and graphics tablet. It is designed for the consumer working with graphics, drawing, photo/video editing applications, office, the Internet, music and games and sets a new standard for high quality input devices for the digital world of home computing.

By leveraging WACOM's patented pen sensing technology, the Graphire 2 stands alone in the market with unparalleled features, unmatched price performance, while maintaining a familiar user interface.

Ergonomically redesigned Graphire 2 Mouse

The Graphire 2 Mouse is ergonomically enhanced for comfort of both left and right handed-users. It is more compact, with optimised weight distribution, improved balance, subtle contours and smoother movement. The mouse is targeted at home users when working and navigating in office applications, web browsing and games.

Additional features include:

  • Cordless & Battery-free -- the mouse is cordless offering completely unrestrained freedom of movement on the surface of the tablet. Also unlike other mice, the Graphire 2 Mouse does not require batteries making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly;
  • Ball-free & Maintenance-free -- this is a major advantage, as the Graphire 2 Mouse is unaffected by dirt clogging or skidding which impairs the performance of traditional mice;
  • A scrolling wheel & Three programmable buttons -- the soft rubber wheel is easily controlled for fast scrolling and web browsing in Office and Internet applications and, when pressed down, acts as the third button.

The pressure-sensitive Graphire 2 Pen with a detachable pen stand

The optimum input device for graphics, drawing, photo/video/audio editing applications and handwriting is the Graphire 2 Pen. The pen provides a natural tool offering users perfect control and pin-point accuracy.

The pen features:

  • Absolute positioning -- the active area of the tablet represents the full display of any screen size. The tablet recognises the position of the pen and mirrors its location on the screen. There is no need to drag the pen across the tablet. To reach the right place on the screen, simply lift the pen and bring it down again at the desired location on the tablet, the cursor will flash on the corresponding location of the screen immediately;
  • Pressure sensitive (512 levels of pressure) -- the pen features a sensitive tip and eraser. The harder you press down on the pen tip, the thicker the line produced, giving users the creative control needed for drawing and painting. The pressure sensitive eraser allows users to 'rub out' in drawing/painting as well as delete text in Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Cordless Pen -- heightens creative freedom and expression when drawing, without being tied to a computer;
  • Double Side Switch -- users can programme the upper or lower button of the side switch, for specific functions in different applications, enhancing speed and efficiency.

A sculpted-contoured Graphire 2 tablet with colour accents

The main platform for both the pen and the mouse is the tablet. Its active area functions as intelligent mouse mat for the mouse and as a working area for the pen. The tablet has been contoured, reshaped and coloured in Steel Blue.

Other leading features of the tablet include:

  • Transparent overlay -- a perfect solution for anybody who wants to accurately trace photos which are held in place under the overlay, whilst the user can use the pen to outline the contours and shapes underneath;
  • Detachable pen stand -- keeps the pen at the users fingertips when it is not in use;
  • Electromagnetic resonance technology -- The Graphire 2 Mouse and Graphire 2 Pen are powered by the Graphire 2 tablet through WACOM's unique electromagnetic resonance technology, which sends a very low radio signal to locate the tools on the tablet surface and to send location, pressure and other information to the computer;
  • Resolution -- the tablet supports high precision with 1000 dpi resolution offering a sophisticated and exact solution for home use;
  • RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) -- prolonged use of a mouse means continuous muscle strain through gripping the mouse body as well as intensive, repetitive wrist and finger movements scooting the mouse to move the screen pointer and clicking the buttons. These cause the common and painful symptoms of RSI. Holding the Graphire 2 Pen is more natural than gripping a mouse, since the forearm rests more naturally without needing to be rotated through 90 degrees. Furthermore, with absolute positioning, there is no need to flick the wrist to scoot the screen pointer, the left mouse click is simply achieved by tapping the pen on the tablet. Many RSI sufferers will have immediate and lasting relief using the Graphire 2 Pen for normal mouse operations. Switching between Graphire 2 Pen and Graphire 2 Mouse is an ideal way to avoid the identical repetitive movements which are the main cause of RSI.

Sophisticated driver/control panel

The Graphire 2 control panel allows users to change the Graphire 2 Mouse and Pen settings -- increasing the functionality of Application Specific Settings. The user is able to customise individual applications through the tabs display option in the control panel. This menu can also be used to adjust the pressure-sensitivity of the pen's tip and eraser, the scrolling wheel, the pop-up menus and tablet-to-screen mapping. For example, by default, one of the pen's side switches is set to a double click but this can be changed to a 'grab-a-hand' in Photoshop to move the image, or to 'Ctrl-Alt' in Painter to change brush size without closing the application.

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