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UltraPad Series

Graphics Tablets for CAD and DTP Professionals

UltraPad Series Photo

UltraPad graphics tablets are compatible with standard applications across a wide range of operating systems, as well as with the vast majority of programs for CAD, DTP and pen computing which support special tablet features.

CAD professionals concerned with productivity, reliability and healthy working environment will appreciate WACOM's investment in creating a true ergonomic cursor in shape, button action and design. Naturally, the UltraPoint Ergonomic is designed for prolonged, intensive, trouble-free operation.

Technically and ergonomically perfected, the UltraPad graphics tablets free designers' minds, allowing them to professionally recreate their ideas. Daily grind becomes a creative pleasure: Whether you are drawing, painting, colouring, blurring, erasing, retouching and combining photos, lightening up or toning down image sections, applying airbrush and artistic effects -- it's all intuitive, freehand and precise.

The UltraPad series offers a range of eight input devices optimised for different tasks. In addition to UltraPen Eraser, WACOM also markets a line of pen alternatives including UltraPen Classic, UltraPen Write, UltraPen Ink, UltraPen Brush and UltraPen Pencil. Available cursors include UltraPoint Ergonomic (4 button) and UltraPoint Classic (16 button). The UltraPad system is fully expandable - input devices maybe added successively to meet the demands of countless diverse projects.

MultiMode feature allows concurrent use of pen and cursor.

The UltraPad series of tablets offer two sizes A3 (1218 inch; 304.8457.2 mm) and A2 (1825 inch; 462635 mm), boasting superior tilt-sensitivity and menu strip with function keys which can be programmed to operate macros, frequently used functions and keyboard shortcuts. The A3E model uses an electrostatic surface, the larger A2 model features an transparent overlay.

UltraPad A3 Electrostatic and UltraPad A2 have a Serial connector for Macintosh and PC Configurations. Both models could also be used with Digital Alpha and Silicon Graphics workstations.

All configurations include PenTools 3.0, pressure- and tilt-sensitive Photoshop compatible plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop 3.05 and later.

WACOM UltraPad Graphics Tablet System requires any Apple Macintosh, Power Macintosh or PC running Apple System 7.0 or later, Windows 3.1 or later, Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 3.5 or later and DEC Alpha/AXP with Windows NT 3.5 or later and SGI.

UltraPad tablets and components carry a 2-year warranty.

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